Most Delightful Three Piece Kitchen Butterfly Curtain Set

Isn’t this the most delightful three piece kitchen butterfly curtain set a person could find? Sometimes I swap things out like window coverings and it has such an impact on the overall look of the room. Why should the place I do my cooking and often my entertaining not be included in that? Everything about this set says, “Spring is here!” and they will carry well through the summer and even into the fall.

Light weight polyester, these pieces are also hand painted. If cleaning is ever needed you want to use gentle cycle, cold water on the washer, and only mild detergent if any. Still simple though because it is machine washable. I think I would use a very low heat in the dryer as well. Depending on how much ruffle you like these will fit pretty much any normal galley window less then 4 feet wide. If you use both top and bottom on the same window it can handle almost a 6 foot tall pane. Of course you can use just the panels for full coverage or just the swag for always having light and visibility.

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This is a light colored look for anyone that wants to brighten a room. The graphic make it playful and cheery as well. This is an awesome addition to the collection, if you rotate different window coverings for the various holidays and seasons of the year. As I said, the graphics are what sold me. They are a real eye catcher. Bright and cheery this delightful three piece kitchen butterfly curtain set will set a wonderful tone in your kitchen.



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