I’m a 27 year old woman. (My husband has said I’m 27 since we got married over 2 decades ago. I guess love is blind.) My husband and I are so different.

I like to decorate. I have a flare for it. However, he is a fuddyduddy. He would be happy in an un-decorated dorm room, army barracks or even a jail cell.

I had to start decorating after we got our current house and had to gut it then rebuild it from scratch. He didn’t mind having the wood studs showing. I wanted wall paper, or paint and pictures and decorations.

People asked me what I use, or where I found something so I decided to document my journey and even share some of my favorites.

It has been a fun challenge, but sometimes the journey is half of what life is about. Someday we will get all the way there.