How To Make Water Candles/Creativity is the Limit

How To Make Water Candles/Creativity is the LimitWonderful essence from the smell. Decorative ambiance from the gentle glow. Great for aroma therapy. They look awesome on end tables. As you burn them if you have to keep replacing them. It can get kind of expensive. You could buy new. Wax or the water/oil type. Either way the cost just ads up and up. Well, how about making your own? I will instruct you how to make water candles/creativity is the limit. You just need a few suplies and some time.

Supplies Needed

25 Clear Sheets of Craft Plastic To Make Water Candles

100 Natural Low Smoke Wick for water candles

Jar or glass container of choice
Small rocks or figurines of choice (optional)
Food color of choice (optional)
Cooking oil

Step by Step Instructions

Cut clear plastic sheet in to a circle small enough to fit in jar at water line. Make it fit nicely. Make a tiny hole in center of circle and insert the wick. Put rocks or figurines or anything else you can think of in bottom of container. If it stays below the water line it should be ok but that water line will sometimes go down as a candle burns. Add water. Don't fill all the way as you need to top-leave empty at least 1 or 2 inches from top empty. Add a small amount of food color and mix. Repeat until the desired color is achieved. Slowly ad small amounts of oil in drop like fashion as shown in video. Place circle with wick already inserted a float in container. Allow a few minutes for clean up of project, and lite. There you go an awesome looking water candle as plane or as elaborate as you can think up ideas for.

This project is so simple. If you can use scissors without hurting yourself, and poor liquid into a glass without spilling it you can do this. The instructions presented here are for only the most beginner of levels. As you do a few, you will get better at choosing the décor and then eventually adding spices or such for aroma.

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