How To Make String Art Wall Hangings

How To Make String Art Wall HangingsThese are some easy, inexpensive, attractive items and you can make various sizes that all match each other. A simple piece can even be used to cover windows instead of curtains. Let me show you how to make string art wall hangings. It will take some time, and maybe a little planning before you start. You can just visualize what you want the end result to be and go to town! I actually mean just build them, but you may need to run to town and get the few very simple supplies first.

Supplies Needed

Dowel Rod To Make String Art Wall Hangings

Wool Roving Yarn for String Art Wall Hangings

Masking tap
Spray paint (your choice of color for accent)
metal ring (optional for added decoration)
decorative beads (optional for added decoration)

Step by Step Instructions

There are many different ways this can be done. One in particular that I liked was using multi colored yarn and not spray painting. That being said, for the sake of the video I will use white wool yarn in my instructions.

First thing to do is cut the yarn, it needs to be cut into 3 to 4 feet strands. You are going to be covering the foot long dowel so you will need quite a few of them cut. Depending on how thick the yarn and how "heavy" you want the item to look it will take 2, 3 or 4 pieces per inch. You can always cut more as you need. Now to attach them individually to the rod. Start with one individual string fold in half place loop on back side of rod bring both dangling ends around and through the loop as demonstrated in video. This shows how to attach the yarn nicely. Repeat this step as needed to cover most of dowel. Cover most of dowel leaving maybe 1/2 inch on the ends uncovered. Once you have admired your work, you will cut the bottom. The bottom can be cut in a "V" or "U," a "Chevron" or even angle cut one corner off and leave the other if you want to be tricky. Just before the scissors hit the yarn, first insure that all strings are secure by gently tugging them. The video shows you one of many ways to hang the arrangement Tie one end of a long string to each end of rod as shown. Bring the center of the yarn though metal ring, or beads as shown then extending yarn down grouping together and tying off one more time. If you want, now is the time to paint a design on the masterpiece. I usually use large straight pieces of cardboard to cover what I don't want to paint and use the basic spray paint that comes from a can. I usually hit a coat of paint and let it try for maybe an hour then look and see if I need more paint. Its best to need more, then discover you put on too much the first time because its not easy to undo too much paint. When you are done, hang it and leave the area. When you return, you will get the full affect of as you drink in your beautiful creation.

This task is easy for anyone at beginner level. More complex designs utilizing multiple matched pieces of varying sizes can easily step this up to more of an intermediate level, although that is more in the planning then the actual execution. If you can work a pair of scissors without cutting yourself you will be able to handle this very inexpensive way to dress up any wall.

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