How To Make String and Nail Wall Art

How To Make String and Nail Wall ArtCreate a sign for yourself or someone else. It is so simple and only takes a bit of time, some imagination, and a few inexpensive items to make one. And many of the things you need you may already have laying around the house. Just look how ease it is to make string and nail wall art. Think about the message you can literally give someone.

Supplies Needed

White Panel Nail

Various Color Spool of Twine for Nail Wall Art

small hammer
piece of wood
paper template of word or phrase/in bold or heavy print

spray paint, if you don't find wood already the right color

Step by Step Instructions

Figure out what you want to say. Its best to use only a very few words. Write it out. Make sure you spell everything correctly. Figure out the font and size you want, and what gets capitalized. I personally use graph paper and that way I can lay out a scale model of the board, and make sure my letters will all fit. Then I created my template for each word.

Place paper template of word or phrase/in bold print on wood. Position it. Begin outlining the lettering as shown in video with your white panel nails. You can use any nails, however I choose white panel nails for two reasons. First the white color in my opinion made the finished project stand out better, and the ring shank paneling nails stay in the wood better than any smooth shaft nails.

Next, consider the colors you will use. I used a board from the lumber store. My hubby said it looks like the one in the video is a 1" x 12" that was about 6 feet long. Of course if you can saw, or have someone that can cut wood, a 4' x 8' foot sheet of plywood can be made into just about any size and shape. And for a small fee, some stores will even cut it to the size you want.

Spacing nails approximately every 1/4". This is why the lettering needs to be in bold or heavy print. Completely outline both sides of letters. Once all nails are in place carefully remove paper. Great! The hardest part is done. It is now time to add yarn/twine. I chose twine again for personal preference. The twine I chose was smooth and didn't split nor have loose fibers that snagged where I didn't want it like yarn did.

In the air or around your finger start a loose knot. Slip it over the head of nail and pull the knot tight. Tie a second layer knot to make the string secure. Wrap twine on the out side of next nail to make a complete 360 degree wrap of nail then continue to the next and the next and so on until all the nails are wrapped. Do all the letters until they individually outlined in this way.

Once you start, it is easy to hurry along, but pay attention because if you miss a nail or get around an extra one and don't notice it, you have to undo your work back to that point to correct the error.

This is a simple project. The most difficult part was figuring out what to say, then working up the template letters. First time I laid it out I had missed a letter. Good thing I double checked before putting in the nails. If you can pound a nail, and I don't mean a fingernail, you can do this.

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