How To Make Beautiful Pine-cone Sunflowers/Wall Art or Centerpiece

How To Make Beautiful Pine-cone Sunflowers/Wall Art or CenterpieceBright yellow with a dark center. Someone visits you and they see one of these wonders hanging on the wall. They notice, even if they don't mention it. It is to "there" for anyone to simply overlook. Let me tell you how to make beautiful pine-cone sunflowers/wall art or centerpiece items for your wall or table. It is amazing how simple they are and how easy it is to vary them. So many colors to choose from. And combining colors even adds a richness that can only be done by hand.

Supplies Needed

100 Plastic Colored Spoons for Sunflowers/Wall Art petals

10-Inch Circle Board perfect for Sunflowers or Centerpiece

Hot glue gun
Bowl with 3" diameter
2 or 3 pine cones
Heavy duty scissors

Step by Step Instructions

To start out this project you need a 10" cake circle board. You can get any cardboard and just cut a 10 or 11 inch circle, but they tend to be more difficult then it seems. Place a 3 or 4 inch bowl in center and draw a circle around it as shown in video. Think about if you use a sharpie that you will need to clean it off the bowl later. Now start cutting the 100 plastic colored handles off. You should already have the glue gun plugged in so it is hot and now you can start gluing the "petals" around the circle you drew on the cake board. After you finish the first row you will continue, making sure to stagger each row. Keep going until you fill out the entire space. Depending on how big you inner circle and your base cardboard are, you may need more then 100. After filling up outside with color it is time for the center "core" of your piece. Carefully tear apart your pine cones. Scissors or even a knife may be needed. In some cases you can use pliers too. Did you know the individual part you want are the actual seeds? Not everyone knows that. Anyway, glue seeds into center circle. If you have a lot of perfect ones use them, but if you have some of different sizes and not all uniform in condition, don't worry. Just mix them together as you add them. More important then that, the seeds need to be the kind of same color more then the same shape. Let dry and cool for a few minutes then flip the decoration over so you can place two dollops of glue towards top to hold the string as shown in video. Hang it up!

If you have a hot glue gun and know how to use it, this is a project for you. It simple overall but takes just a bit of skill to actually get the items ready to glue more then actually applying the glue and the various parts. You can use any color combinations for the outer rings and make the center smaller or larger as you wish.

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