DIY Decor String Wall Hanging

DIY Decor String Wall HangingDo you have a wall that needs to be broken up somehow. Maybe pictures just are not the right thing here, but it is just wrong all plane looking like it is. How about this wall covering/curtain/drape/tapestry/veil thing? You can use a straight store bought rod/pole or any shape of branch that happens to fall off the tree. The angles can be all straight and geometric or totally random. The colors as well can be subtle earth tones, bright and cheery, loud neon or something to capture the "Zen" of your room. Any size to fit any space.

Supplies Needed

Various Color Yarn for String Wall Hanging Decor

Multi Pastel color Paper Straws for String Wall Hanging


Step by Step Instructions

Cut yarn to desired length. Just decide how long you want your wall art to end up being, multiple by 2 and add 3 inches. Say if you want 30inch tall panels, 2x30=60. Add 3 and 60+3=63. So 63 inches would be the length you would make your pieces. Now take three of the 63" long strings hold them together fold in half loop around branch pull the loose string through loop and tug for snugness. That sounds complicated in writing, but its easy. The video shows what I mean. Anyway, repeat this until you cover as much of branch as desired. If you want just a clean simple design you are finished excepted for hanging. (More complex designs can also use a "weight" piece on the bottom but that will take extra string and you will have to tie it as well. I didn't go into that part here) When your done adding the yarn pieces simply attach a group of yarn pieces to each end of the stick and you can now hang it. WOW!! Wait! If you feel your not quit done there are many ideas left beads, tussles, Charms, my favorite idea was hand made tassels and to change up a little from the video I found some adorable Pastel Multi color Paper Straws to add some pzazz. Back to the video to make the tassels simply wrap yarn around a peace of cardboard to desired thickness slip off cardboard use string to tie one end as in video cut other end. Where video suggests painting straws I found those Pastel Multi colored one instead. cut straws in half and string them into place tying a knot to keep them in place. You can use your imagination and come up with some really neet things. I had one, some time back, where I tied a varity of small tee cups into the strings.

Another beginner level project. However people with more advanced skills can add complexity to the yarn patterns and the placement of the small "extra" items or beads used. Anyone can work scissors. Just make sure if you get a larger stick from the yard, the nail you hang it on can support it.

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