Square Red White and Gold Embroidered Christmas Bells Centerpiece Doily

Square Red White and Gold Embroidered Christmas Bells Centerpiece Doily

Don't you sometimes get a bit bored with everything being all trees and sparkles at this time of year? I sometimes just need a break form it. I decided to take matters into my own hands and find a base mat for the middle of my dinner table. Look what I found! An amazing square red white and gold embroidered "Christmas bells" centerpiece doily. I know everyone has differences in taste, but this one did it for me.

This thing start with a light colored base with the surrounding fringe in a nice pattern. The design is intricate. The linen has poinsettias, candles, holly, clappers and just the right amount of accent coloring for the finishing touches. It is set off with exquisite embroidery. 100% Polyester Microfiber for super easy care.

You just have to see it because all the fancy words in the world don't do it justice. In fact you need your dinner platter with a perfectly browned roast with potatoes, carrots and peas sitting on it to fully appreciate it. There are many wonderful sizes for mantels, shelves or in the center of the living room under the coffee service. Or of course where you sit and eat. For small enough flat surfaces it will pass an elegant tablecloth to really dress up a night stand.

In this world of snowmen, reindeer and Santa Sleighs everywhere it is nice to get a break but still know its holiday season. I had to get 2 more for covers on a pair of lamp stands, one of which has an old burn mark from a candle that no one will ask me about this year.

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