Most Adorable 3 Pack, 3-D Applique Christmas Stockings

Most Adorable 3 Pack, 3-D Applique Christmas Stockings

I have been looking high and low for the perfect Christmas stocking this year. The season is special for the little ones and young ones at heart.(like me) I wanted something special. Something that would catch the eyes of little and big alike. What do you know I did it!!! I found the most adorable 3 pack, 3-D applique Christmas stockings ever, with Santa, a snowman and a reindeer, one for each sock. And they have those little legs hanging down.

These are so cute. They are made with plush felt material with either a Santa, a Snowman or a Reindeer on them. One caricature per sock. They have nicely embroidered edges so they won't easily fray or fall apart. The size is 18” x 6” designed perfectly for filling with a range of gifts, stocking stuffer presents and treats, and can easily be hung by the attached strong convenient hanging loop. Did I mention the little legs hanging down?

These three decorative Christmas socks will make a supper change from your Christmas decorations of past years. Even if you don't have little ones around they make for great decorations, and conversation.

I really like them myself and I, after all, am 27 yr.old.(for a few decades) They are cheerfully cute and bring a smile to my face every time I see or even think about them. We can all use a smile now and then.

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