Christmas Mr & Mrs Santa Claus Kitchen Chair Back Slipcovers

Christmas Mr & Mrs Santa Claus Kitchen Chair Back Slipcovers

The backs on two of my seats are all beat up. It seams as though when they were out on loan some how my daughters dogs mistook them for chew bones.(I don't know who to kill, dogs, daughter, grand-kids or maybe my husband for loaning them out) So now I'm stuck with this set, 2 of them nasty looking. Not enough in the budget right now to get a whole new dinning set. So what to do? Until things get worked out a set of Christmas Mr & Mrs Santa Claus kitchen chair back slipcovers will have to do.

They are bright and cheery. Red and white of course, with smiles. They mount easily. Good size so they will fit many sizes of seat backs. They are sure to transform(or hide flaws in my case) kitchen or dining room, or just anywhere someone sits. They will even work on wood or metal fold outs if you have to pull out the "card" table set. The set contains one pair, featuring 2 characters. They have a sure fit but don't work so well if the unit has armrests. They are adorable. Perfect for the Christmas season.

Kids of all ages love them. I think there is even an option to have them gift wrapped so they can be waiting under the tree. But they are a favorite conversation starter at adult parties as well, just about everyone will enjoy them. They will create such a festive touch and a lasting impression for your holiday entertaining.

They had plenty of reviews almost all were very good. 4.5 out of 5 star rating by people that have purchased them so I'm not the only one that loves them. The only bad review was someone that seems to have mis-measured their size so they blamed the product for being to small. They are not "flat" with just felt pieces layered on each other like you find sometimes. What I like the most is they don't take anything away from my dinning set while covering those embarrassing damages in the wood. And the fact they bring lots and lots of Christmas cheer is a bonus.

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